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Whatever type of work you do, we intuitively deliver what you need for peak performance and promoting the right image. Whether you’re a commercial, government, healthcare, education or other unique business, we listen intently, understand your desires, and offer specialized resources to meet your unique needs.


Design is a powerful tool. Our team of experts help you design an environment that boosts creativity, attracts and retains the best talent, reduces costs, facilitates collaboration and supports your brand. We work with you, your architect and design team (if you have one) to create a space that works well for today, and is smartly designed to adjust for future transformation.

How our designers help you:

  • Detailed furniture specifications to ease procurement
  • Isometrics and 3-D renderings to visualize the end result
  • Space planning to make an impactful change to your space
  • Furniture reconfigurations for economical updating
  • Code compliance review for safety and risk reduction
  • Typical workstation design and budget for sound financial planning
  • Site dimension verification to reduce potential conflicts
  • Color, fabric, and finish selections for a cohesive, energetic environment
  • Installation drawings for smooth and fast move-in

Product Sourcing

Our impressive array of 100+ brands, leading with Kimball International and AIS, provide an abundant variety of products to deliver maximum impact and value for any budget, style, function, and time frame. Our large selection of GSA contracts provides government agencies the commercial quality products at pre-negotiated discounts. Bring more value to your brand or company with a standardized furniture solution, local or national, with a structured furniture program reflecting specific organizational goals and objectives.

Project Management

On-time and on-budget installation requires expeditious project management. Our skilled Project Managers are steeped in experience and insight for a successful outcome. Their immediate onboarding and assumption of responsibility ease and guide you through the entire project. Attention is focused on managing all parts of the project without error—from accurate ordering, to receiving and inventorying, to fully installing and connecting smoothly to a building’s power and data infrastructure. Our Project Manager’s responsibilities vary depending upon the project complexity but they typically include

  • Order verification and detailed review of final furniture layout including site verification of critical dimensions
  • Management of critical deadlines
  • Thorough site inspection to confirm availability of elevators, loading docks, trash facilities, staging areas, etc.
  • Coordination with construction, communication, electrical and other contractors, as appropriate.
  • Creation of detailed schedule of furniture installation based on construction schedule, furniture lead times and client’s needs.
  • Providing contractors with furniture electrical schematics and wiring requirements. Identify electrical and voice/data locations for private offices that are optimum for user access.
  • Providing cabling contractor with port access specifications and updated systems furniture layouts.
  • Attending regular construction meetings and prompt response to all RFIs from general contractor and other trades.
  • Periodic site walks during construction to verify electrical locations as they pertain to systems furniture.
  • Scheduling truckloads and deliveries with manufacturers, distribution centers and trucking companies. Track custom fabric shipments and deliveries to various factories. Monitor each shipment for adherence to delivery schedule.
  • Resolving issues and providing modifications to installation drawings as required.  On site regularly during the installation, responsible for monitoring progress of the installation, adherence to timeline constraints and site restrictions. Responsibility for identifying, tracking and resolving any post-installation issues.


One of our top strengths is move-in and installation to keep your business open and running smoothly. The FurnitureSpeak project team works with professional installers to receive, verify, stage, deliver and install your furniture. We insure a complete installation, fully operational and removal of all packing materials prior to your move-in date.

Repair and Maintenance

Your office furniture is an investment. Add more value with our repair and maintenance program. It’s a sensible solution to build on your investment. The program is customized to meet your needs and furniture condition. Ways to optimize your furniture include

  • Panel fabric and seating reupholstering for a new look and feel
  • Fabric cleaning and fabric protection to keep workspaces looking fresh
  • Lock/key change and replacement for security and privacy
  • Individual workstation customization for more productivity
  • Refinishing and wood touchup for like-new surfaces
  • Inventory and storage services for economy and flexibility

Asset Management

Asset tracking cost effectively manages your inventory and ensures you only purchase products needed for your project. Whether your project is a new install, reconfiguration or you need ongoing asset management, FurnitureSpeak® eases your asset tracking.

As your furniture arrives at the warehouse, it is inspected, counted, and recorded by manufacturer and product number. Your product is stored in designated areas in the warehouse on skids and racks for protection.  When furniture is pulled or added to your inventory, items are immediately tracked and recorded for an accurate accounting of your assets. We provide full reports detailing all activity and storage processes.

meet our team

FurnitureSpeak, Inc. is a unique team in the Mid-Atlantic region blending knowledge, experience and technology to solve workplace challenges for businesses.  We are a leading resource in the contract furniture industry with the most innovative brands and workplace solutions tailored to the specific needs of the region. Our team of business interior specialists support your vision for a better workspace. From project inception to completion and onward, we deliver original concepts, driven to solve your individual issues. We service after the installation to retain the value of your furniture investment. Our extreme attention to detail ensures your project hits your move-in day and stays on budget.

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why you’ll love us


We are workplace experts—industry experienced, knowledgeable team members focusing on accuracy, precision and delivering the most innovative solutions. We have systematic checks and consistent processes to deliver smart workplaces for 100% assurance. We are expeditious in all our communication, schedules and budgets to create well researched and effective workplace designs.

We build specialized teams around each project to deliver every phase complete and as expected, from specification to installation. We know what goes into great work environments, but we actively listen to ensure we create the high performing space designed to meet your business goals.

Move-in is just the beginning. When the dust settles you have a beautiful space that captures your culture and embodies who you are as a company. Yet a healthy business is never static and never complete. Economies change and companies grow; what worked at move-in may not work tomorrow. We are here to help you move your environment forward and meet the challenges ahead.

100+ Brands

FurnitureSpeak® has established unique, rooted relationships with our extensive list of more than 100 office furnishings manufacturers. This benefits our clients with an extraordinary range of design, price, quality, and performance criteria in furniture selection. Our mix of products and services are geared to providing versatile interiors that improve productivity and deliver a space plan customized to your exact needs and price points. View our brands

Woman Owned

Homa Lidie, CEO and majority shareholder, is the proud leader of FurnitureSpeak®. Working with a woman owned company empowers women to become engines for growth in their  community and can be beneficial to clients with supplier diversity goals.


FurnitureSpeak® knows GSA business like no other dealer in the region. The requirements and processes inherent with local, state and federal government agencies can be rigorous and we will make it easy to do business with us. Whether it’s a 21st century knowledge center, traditional office space, education, health facility or other furniture-related service, we offer a wide selection of commercial furnishings through our manufacturers’ GSA contracts. We will source and deliver a solution to fit any environment and budget through more choices, more options, and more ways to improve the productivity and quality of life for government workers.

FurnitureSpeak GSA Packaged Office Contract GS-27F-006DA.

The GSA Packaged Furniture Program is a more convenient and economical way to furnish a complete office, healthcare facility, dormitory & quarters facility, as well as ancillary spaces. Project management, delivery, and installation are included; as well as other services – such as design and layout, site preparation, staging, and warehousing–to meet even the most complex requirements. What’s more, this program allows FurnitureSpeak to be your single source to get the entire job done for you!

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