Manhattan, New York


Room Types
Open Plan, Offices, Break Room, Cafe

Square Footage 

Furniture Lines Used
Hum. Minds at Work®, Fluent®, Interworks® EQ, Footprint®, FitTM, SilverTM

Heineken Case Study


Heineken was consolidating multiple locations into one new space. Their new location was to support many people with various workstyles and needs. It was important to provide hoteling suites for traveling workers who needed a quiet place to work for only a short period of time. Furniture solutions needed to maximize the open floor plan while promoting an interactive working environment. Heineken wanted to encourage innovation and creativity by creating spaces that would support collaboration, brainstorming, and impromptu meetings. Not only did Heineken want to create an efficient workplace, but they wanted to enhance employee satisfaction and promote the Heineken brand with contemporary design.


Hum. Minds at Work. was designed with ergonomics and collaboration in mind. Heineken choose to use this product throughout the open plan. It allowed for easy interaction, but still maintained personal space for concentration and thoughtful individual work. Private offices with glass walls displayed beautiful applications of Interworks EQ and Fluent casegoods. The Fit lounge was used in fun, casual collaboration areas, and the Silver task chair was used in executive areas to make an impression.

Heineken Case Study


Heineken’s forward thinking work environment fosters interaction and productivity, while accommodating different workstyles and personalities. Heineken’s vision was to infuse the company history and brand strength into its new space, while implementing modern day work trends. With various Kimball Office product solutions, Heineken has beautifully outfitted their space to create an energetic, functional, and fun atmosphere.

Kimball Office