Kimball Office Introduces 10 New Products for NeoCon 2015

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Kimball Office Introduces 10 New Products for NeoCon 2015

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Kimball Office Featured NeoCon 2015 Products:


Canopy.  Conceived by Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A and developed with the design team at Kimball Office, Canopy moves beyond conventional open plan benching to give each user a versatile work tool that changes according to the needs of the moment. While this product will fit into any open plan, it may be modified to give the user more acoustical and visual privacy as needed. And Canopy’s height adjustment capability—a discreet mechanism that allows the user to raise or lower the desk without  disturbing colleagues—is both a social and an ergonomic advance.

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Pairings.  The Pairings collection delivers essential elements to support conversation and collaborative work across a variety of work applications. From corporate offices to higher education facilities to hospitality destinations, this product line of seating, tables, and surfaces creates adaptable lounge-based work settings that can play host to both teams and technology in comfort and style.


Splendor.  With a shape that is equally expressive and welcoming, the Italian-designed (Marco Maran) Splendor combines the comfort of a warm embrace with a versatility suitable for any environment.  Its captivating silhouette, subtle details and gentle curves are designed to provide comfort as well as a freedom of movement that truly increases its functionality and adaptability.


Theo.  Aesthetically pleasing and crafted for elegance and versatility, Theo thrives in a wide variety of environments. From the lounge to the lobby to private offices and conference spaces, this seating line offers a refined, shell-shaped and warm wood veneer that is tailored to provide long lasting comfort.


Kore.  Kore addresses a variety of needs and offers choices. As it is based on simple yet timeless aesthetics it blends easily into different scenarios. Simplicity as a starting point combined human needs are at its very core.


Bloom.  Casual while being sophisticated, Bloom fits comfortably in a variety of settings.  United by the same base design, the lounge chair offers a tailored seat with optional contrasting fabric, while the occasional tables come in a range of shapes, heights, and materials.


Teem.  Made for the places people gather, Teem keeps people connected to their technology and each other.  Both sides of the wall can be equipped with monitors or marker boards, and your choice of table base and top make the space even more functional.


Abbott.  With a modern design highlighted by its use of steam-bent European beech wood frame components, Abbott can be used to enhance a wide array of interior environments.  Its recessed, upholstered seat provides a visually thin and clean aesthetic that can be partnered with a variety of back options to customize Abbott to meet any specification.


Nash.  With its mod lines and classic finishing, Nash provides the comfort and embrace of an upholstered tub chair with the look and feel of a small-scaled club chair.  Its understated elegance is as perfectly suited for the office as it is in the café or lounge.


Tucker.  Available as a guest or two- and three-seat tandem, Tucker’s transitional styling is suitable for any space. Its subtle design communicates strength and durability and allows it to adapt to a number of settings—from casual to executive.

Meet the Product Designers


Chris Carter graduated from the school of industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 1991. He worked with various design firms in the metropolitan New York area, designing and working on products for clients including Century baby products, Tyco toys, Colgate Palmolive and Ford Motor Company.

Some twenty years later and as principal of Chris Carter Design, LLC, he has a worldwide client base consisting of North American, European, and Asian companies of which he is successfully designing for today. Designs of Chris’ are currently being specified and used within corporate, healthcare, higher education, GSA, hospitality, and retail planning environments. His strong relationships with some of the industry’s top performing and high profile manufacturers coupled with the ability to create beautiful, utilitarian products at competitive pricing has proven a winning formula with which his clients can successfully compete among today’s high standards and demands.

Carter designed Abbott, Nash, and Tucker chairs for Kimball Office’s show during NeoCon.


Daniel Korb  Like many leading designers of modern furniture, Daniel started as an architect. Baden, Switzerland, is the vantage point for Daniel`s perspective, and is the place where he and his wife, architect Susan Korb, operate Korb+Korb, which they founded 1989.

Since then, his design expertise has broadened and his inspiration refined. In 2009, Daniel started xchange with Sydney-based architect Anthony Kotarac as a globally-operating platform to exchange ideas, experience, and knowledge. Both share a passion for high quality and well-designed furniture.

Today Daniel is synonymous with system thinking and a holistic view. This attracted the attention of Kimball Office and led to the development of KORE, which makes its debut at the Kimball Office showroom during NeoCon.


Pam Light and John Duffy  A distinctive combination of abilities sets pL-D apart from other design service providers. Distinctive in that both partners have actually worked in the industry sectors that provide the means with which products and interiors come together…. product design, interior design, and dealership purchasing.

Pam has a background of 35 plus years as an interior designer, including 10 within a dealership and one as an independent furniture rep. Currently her day-to-day, hands-on involvement at a major architectural interiors firm keeps their products pertinent and meeting the needs of today’s clients and their ever evolving work-place.

John, a degreed designer from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, has over 35 years of experience in product design and commercial interiors. During this time he has worked for interior design firms that specialize in hospitality, healthcare, and corporate design, with the last 20 years solely committed to product design and development. The partners’ varied backgrounds are the foundation for a design process that combines thoughtful, useful, creative, and intelligent design for the human environment.

Kimball Office will debut a Light- and Duffy-designed product line, Pairings, during NeoCon.


Studio O+A:  Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander  Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander are the award-winning co-founders of Studio O+A, the San Francisco design firm responsible for groundbreaking offices  at Facebook, Microsoft,  Aol, Yelp, Samsung, Zazzle, Levi Strauss, and many other companies.  A leader in the field of workplace environments with an emphasis on “democratic design,” O+A’s expansive, open-plan offices have become a signature look for some of the country’s most forward-thinking tech innovators (their unique workspaces have won international recognition in design publications, books, design blogs and websites of great diversity).

Studio O+A designed the Chicago showroom for this year’s show during NeoCon, in addition to having designed it last year.  Additionally, they bring a refined version of Canopy to the Kimball Office showroom for this year’s show.

Marco Maran  Through interaction and interdisciplinary exchange, Marco Maran, an Italian-based designer forges new paths towards experimentation, proposing an emotional vision of everyday objects.  His design features common aspects that define the way in which his objects are perceived, such as a distinctive sensitivity in the interpretation of the materials, the colors and the shapes, and, above all, by working on the rituality of the use of a chair, a table, or a sofa.
He co-operates with several well-known design firms and his works have appeared in many national and international shows.  He has received many design prizes and mentions for his projects, including a 2003, 2006, and 2008 Chicago Good Design Award and a 2006 Tokyo Good Design Award.

The Maran-designed Splendor makes its Kimball Office debut at NeoCon.